Friday, July 8, 2011

El Tracero de Chivo

A busy weekend.  Completing a series of portraits depicting the forefathers of Steampunk is paramount.  I was told it was thought I'd left the project.  No more than anybody else, as there were no further meetings and no group notices.  Seems I haven't stopped blogging about it in the interim.  They don't know it though...

Final Relay For Life DJ gig will be on Sunday from 7-9am SLT in Bay City.  That's a comfy 10am my local time.  Then it's back to the diner maybe for events.  It's what it was made for.

Could have saved Bacchus last night except I forgot to - are you ready for this? - change the stream URL in land properties.  Well no wonder the shoutcast thing didnt work!  Anyway the contest went short accidentally too so it wasn't just me.  It was "one of those days" in general.

I'm a bit peeved that Firestorm has no visible means to mute UI sounds.  I hate UI sounds.  If there's a slide or checkbox buried somewhere can someone please let me know how to get to it?

Interesting backlash from a recent post about Victorian women bluntly and tactlessly flirting a little beyond the boundaries of double entendre with a half-goat in group chat and during events.  How nice to "behave Victorian" just when it's convenient.  Like I said, even between humans it's questionable conduct in that scenario.  It really makes a sham of all the formal greetings people practice among eachother.  Second Life is a big place which accommodates anything legal- and turns a blind eye to some of the illegal - all as long as nonconsenting parties aren't involuntarily subjected to it.  So do I. Respect works both ways.

The theme, rating, and covenant of a group or estate serve as a guide and to protect the greater public.  At the moment it should protect me from being subjected to banlines.  Not that I'd want to go into their establishments, but shouldn't I be allowed to pass them and not be aware of them, which is the point of the covenant rules to restrict banline usage?  Yes they can do what they want with their property - as long as they're compliant of the covenant (which I haven't broken), but one would think that it would be in everyone's best interest for me to be oblivious to their locales.  Apparently we're not talking about mature individuals with communications skills.  One of those who set up banlines I barely know at all. Note in covenant link there is an absolute line about "ban lines" being forbidden.

See?  They DO read my blog, only not important entries like plans for fundraising.  I related a series of incidents which I found very unpleasant and insulted my sensibilities. I have a right to my opinion in my blog offworld.   I don't have to like what they're doing, and they have no right to force me to endure it.  If they're not behaving cute to others outside their clique then that's neither my problem nor my fault. I'm not stopping them from doing anything on their own time, just don't do it in my face.  Like I said I've closed chat on New Babbage and a Dr Who group (before I left it) during inappropriate conversation. I did my part inworld, and I've done the right thing.

I heard Victor1st wrote a long rant about me. I don't know how he could write anything at length because he doesn't know me.  And we've seen how he lets his imagination run away with the keyboard!  For the record, here's the extent of my interaction with victor1st Mornington in New Babbage:

I used to go to his dance parties. I politely tipped him for DJing.

Yep. That's it.  He hadn't been present for any of the Relay for Life planner meetings I've attended, and I don't recall whether he's made a showing at the Salon lectures when I was there.  The most we see eachother are in fact at events where many others are present. We don't interact any more than I would others I don't know at them, and there are certainly enough people during those who see that nothing happens. I just enjoy the music and marvel at the personae people have nurtured. There's only that time at SL8B weeks back where he scheduled that joke of an event opposite mine which blocked my friends from coming to join us for a couple of minutes.

Anyway I was keen to move on from the lame victor nonsense but these things crossed my desk the past day or so.  Maybe that's it for them finally. No I'm not interested in reading his drivel. There are more important things like health, family, helping New Babbage out with the Relay for Life project, and the comic.  Let him keep digging himself deeper with lies and embellishments; it's what he does best.

In more worthwhile news, Snurky did a PSA for Relay for Life! I'm so proud of her :)  She got to meet Pooky Amsterdam.  But before that she had a scare. Snurky arrived in my backyard off Rt 2 and there were no land properties. Seems the region was temporarily netsplit from the grid.  Only thing one can do is specify another region when you log back in and force the viewer to start you somewhere new.  Suddenly chat windows opened up. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

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