Thursday, December 2, 2010

Homing in on The Holodays

Snurky starts her career as a snail racer this Sunday.  The theme is "cute animals," so what better choice for Snurky Snoodle than to be a poodle?

In other news, I saw a Vulcan wearing Starfleet Medical pajamas last week.  It's flattering to see that my 7Seas catchables are appreciated.

I suppose I should make some more; if I choose to throw a pajama party then Sevhen has nothing trendy to wear.  Sure she wears her catsuit during regeneration, but what's so special about that?

And you know I'm long overdue for some parties.  Clear out the pet Dalek, lower the counter, bring out the bunnyhop ball, set up some slots with GoSpeed...

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