Friday, December 10, 2010

Further Pursuit to One Corner

Just to get things straight:

I am a Mark I EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) who has fun masquerading in the visage of The Doctor - which happens to be what the crew called me - in search of intriguing Kodak Moments.

And I'm enjoying the hair.

I'm not a completist and truly no yesman when it comes to any fandom.  But I'm deprived of backstory for a better understanding of my subject and lack enough angles to draw either of his latest generations comfortably.  Short of meeting either in person, I have to satisfy myself with as much video and imagery, while at the same time see through illusions of volume and depth.

If I run around looking like the Tenth or Eleventh Doctor or variants experimenting in other outfits (for example in Starfleet dress uniform), it's not with any premise that I'm The Doctor - other than The Doctor I always was as an EMH.  Confused yet?

Then I must decide whether to refer to the reality of their visages as actors or settle for the illusions which are intended to define their fictional portrayals.

I can already draw rings around those who currently output comics in publications - nothing new about what I do there - but I've raised the bar on myself.  I do that.

The Doctor isn't the only character.  There's an ensemble of grid residents representing not just subcultures, but some contain RL backstory as well.  There's even a main villain.  I have a tendency to give little regard to minor characters with reference to detail, and I'm working to overcome that.


  1. Sounds like The Doctor's tardis somehow landed inside the dimension of the computer about your starfleet vessel and you, the EMH, and he have become linked as the computer tries to figure out just what the hell has happened...