Monday, December 13, 2010

LL's Poor Sense of Content Priority or Attack of the Snail Race

A fate befell Snurky yesterday during the Giant Snail Races.  Some preteen hacker (probably - aren't they all?) had placed replicator cubes around the area which brought Hawthorne down during the filming of the Second Chance Race.

Snurky logged back in to be told the region was unavailable and that she would be redirected to a nearby location.  One would have thought that meant the Governor's mansion.  Instead she found herself at the Zindra infohub of Ungren.

As a giant snail.

In a crowd of scantily clad avatars.

It seems Linden Labs hasn't gotten their heads on straight.  Common sense would dictate that someone bounced from a Mature region be placed in another Mature region.

Snurky - as are my other avatars - are age verified and have the discretion to go anywhere they desire.  If I decide to visit some sort of art show on an adult island then there's nothing to stop me, and there shouldn't be. 

Linden Labs on the other hand, has absolutely NO RIGHT to subject me to a random adult experience without my consent. The reasoning being that no one has the right to subject anyone to a random sexual scenario without consent.  It's one of the things which defines civilized society.  Like saying because someone has sex with their spouse it must be okay to rape them; they have sex anyway, right?

We should never have to change our settings. That suggests we cannot trust Linden Labs and that THEIR behavior is suspect.

Snurky saw this as a form of harassment.  A ticket was filed in complaint to Linden Labs.

Meanwhile four other snails appeared in various welcome locations across the grid. One reportedly was threatened for griefing because of their size.  It's not like anyone in snail form could help it.

And the region might not have had to come down.  An overzealous racer had apparently been riling up the troll by private message.  Apparently he wasn't aware that the last thing anyone should do is talk to a troll.  In his paste-down in local chat it was clear they were instigated to the point where they said they would "turn off the Internet" - as expressed in broken English.

On the plus side it wasn't as laggy for the Final race.

This week's broadcast will show just the Final race as a result of the outage.  It just so happened we had just the right number of racers to all be in one together.

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