Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Future Site of Cartoon World

I've got both bad news and good news for Bay City.

First the bad news: Dellybean North has left, and with her a lovely Art Deco structure in Falconmoon.  (Actually I'm keeping the Pineapple Building there until I'm ready for maneuvers)

The good news?  I own that parcel now, right on Gershwin Boulevard.  This was a street I named, so this location holds much significance for me as well as a bit of a triumph.

Will I sell my first plot or turn it into a park?  Well, I'd really like to get my money back.  Then again I could create a permanent buffer between myself and that godawful spinning adfarm sign that cheapass character put next to Oona Opinion's place.

The new place appears to face an old church across the boulevard.  I suppose it's an intersection of landmarks if I include the Molexandria excavation site.

I starting to wonder if my Atomic Age style is out of place for that block?  Everything else seems to be an elegant 20s-30s' style.

Any opinions?

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  1. You know, I might be interested to see what you might pull out in an earlier style, when you mention it...