Thursday, July 22, 2010

Avoiding the Suckage Pitfall

Shmoo brought up Tron the other night when I showed him the concept poster.  It's funny; Tron never crossed my mind.  However it made sense that it came to others'.

I'll tell you why this isn't like Tron.  First of all, Tron was about someone who existed in a representation of what someone deluded was a computer environment.  This wasn't about people in an alternate dimension or cyberspace.  Other than Flynn, the other participants were not people - there or anywhere.  

Tron just wasn't such a good film.  Disney banked on the computer graphics to carry a limp story.  People were attracted by the goth darkness, the neon colors, and the notion that a computer did all the effects and graphics.  And lest we forget the light cycles.  By the way, those neat glowy stripes on their suits weren't computer generated.

I can't say how good my comic will be since that's a subjective judgement which may vary from person to person.  However things that suck tend to lack some basics and thought put into them, and my comic won't have fallen into those ruts.

Will there be clichés?  The concept is already a cliché.  So is the notion of dropping a popular fictional character into any locale or scenario familiar to the author.  I'm like a mad scientist and love to mix and match, then see what happens.  I'd like to think I can do it better than what's come before.

If you want to get philosophical about it, everything's been done before.  The successful stuff just had more thought put into it, perhaps were the culmination of a few of the right things combined in just the right way.  I've certainly had time to think about this and covered most angles by asking myself a barrage of questions. Shmoo asked some; I had quick answers to as much as I was willing to divulge.  I thought that was pretty good for a start.  Certainly as I work on the project, more things will firm up.

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