Friday, July 16, 2010

Pre-Comic Ponderings

 Integration Complete

It's mostly internal and therefore undetectable.  Creative output would show the change in some cases.  Aside from planning my Burning Life project, I'll be focusing on my comic.  The time is right I think. 

I've thought about this all very carefully: as a fan, as an inspired artist, and as a comics professional (yes, I still see myself as a comics professional):

- Will this comic fit within the current Dr Who timeline?  Yes.  Anything can happen during a quick trip to the moon & back.  Further in my favor is The Doctor's skewed sense of time; this trait was touched upon a few times over the course of Series 5 (this year).  God Bless Steve Moffat.  The man has a visionary's eye. 

- I've mention to a couple of friends I wanted them to be in the story.  No objections (cleared some questions with one to their satisfaction).  I don't think I'll use their names though (or full names), just their personifications and my perception of how they represent their subculture.  Also anyone depicted offline will be fictional avatars.  There are two characters who are fictional, one a villain inworld and RL.

- As much as I think 3D Glasses are cool, The Doctor won't be wearing them.  I have to remain objective to make the best story.  That would have been cool though...

- The story will predominantly take place on a grid like Second Life but will not be called Second Life or mention Linden Labs or the Lindens.

- The Doctor... Who could possibly trademark that?  I've repesented another "The Doctor" for over a decade.  He's The Doctor in my comic too.

- Given the endurance Dr Who fandom, I'll ASSume that the BBC values the free advertising that comes with allowing fans to freely exercise their creativity - like Paramount does with Trekkies. 

Case in point: About ten years ago, Marvel bit themselves in the ass by requiring fan pages to register by postal mail or fax; on approval the "lucky" fan would receive a limited collection of acceptable images to use.  Other feeder biters over time have included Disney, Children's Television Workshop (Sesame Street), and United Features Syndicate (Peanuts etc).  And don't get me started about YouTube.


  1. As an aside, Tennant's doctor did wear 3D glasses at least at one point (Daleks Vs. Cybermen)

  2. I could understand that. I'd probably sit back with some popcorn and 3D glasses and let them annihilate eachother.