Thursday, August 5, 2010

What Would Lanneret Do?

Rethinking my strategy for Cartoon World.  I definitely want to redo the ground level building.

What if it resembled Club Lapis on the inside?  Club Lapis is an elegant 1920's Art Deco nightclub I made in VRML for New Year's Eve celebrations.  Personally I find the concept a bit too elegant for my sensibilities.

At some point in a VRML creator who spent time in Cybertown will always think back on Lanneret.   It's my time now.  I keep thinking back on Lanneret's Art Deco furniture collection, with its wooden inlay reminiscent of Native American patterns.  It was classy and whimsical at the same time; I can picture a building with a style like this.

I don't need to give Lanneret's SL moniker; he never recreated his deco work here.  He fell off the face of the VRML Earth in January 2002, showed up a couple of years later in SL to recreate his Asian lines, disappeared, came back again, did more Asian stuff, then disappeared off the face of the Earth altogether.  Or so the story goes from three virtual acquaintances who knew him best (which isn't saying much).

Inlay.  I'm already using wooden inlay for my floor pattern in the current gallery.  I'll have a LOT of rethinking to do, but at least there's a direction.  I researched Deco furniture extensively in the mid 00's and found he had derived his pieces from antiques.  Well most builders do in some form or other.  After all a Cape Cod house is a Cape Cod house, right?

I copied over a few meager screenshots from Lanneret's deco furniture from my living quarters in Jupiter Station.  Here's one:

Ah those old 800x600 days... One of these people owns an estate in SL.  One is rumored to be dead.

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