Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re The Teen Blog Post

In response to the article re The Future of Teens and Second Life  

I was hoping they'd be restricted to the PG regions, but there is a problem: controlling accessible, audible and visible content from the borders.  Two years ago I had land in a PG region, and right on the border was a glass building with photos of explicit sexual acts for sale.  A little higher up and further to the west was an S&M shop with a big, badly drawn poster of two women engaged in something no one should have to see involuntarily, and again it was right on the border.  I wonder if rezoning might be in order, because some people who aren't "mature" get their kicks out of breaking the rules; everyone loses because of them.

As for the shortsighted people who cry Age Play and point at child avatars, let's get this clear in the event plain English didn't suffice the past thousand times people tried to make it clear:

1.  Age Play are fantasies performed by adults. The content and imagery are what come into question, not the actual age of the participants.

2. When did you know of any teen who portrayed a teen or kid?  Do you know the topic of discussion here and the difference between what avatars people choose to portray themselves and the age of participants?

3. On those two points, are you ignorant of the fact that people in SL who portray children are of age, probably older than most people posting, and are usually portraying children as a signal that they are engaged in child-friendly and family-friendly activities in SL?  I know for some people SL is their way of expressing their sexuality and making up whatever they can't do offline, but they should try to be a little more open-minded and respectful of the diversity of SL's cultures and realize that some people didn't have much of a childhood, and this is their chance of having one. SL is a way for people to recapture their innocence.

And if point 3 seemingly had nothing to do with the Teen Grid or of teens migrating to the main grid, then congrats for noticing.  It hasn't anything to do with this topic whatsoever.

I want to add that many adults are acting like childish bullies about having kids somewhere on the other end of the map from yourselves.  If you have those tendencies to act on your sexuality in parts of the grid where it isn't appropriate, then maybe it's good you leave, as it IS against the terms of service for this site.  The opportunity to express your sexuality doesn't comprise "anywhere you feel like it" or in nonconsenting people's faces. Go to your home or zindra or private estate and do what you want.  This place is so big it's absurd to think this cannot be worked out.

It seems the teens posting here are far more mature, don't they?

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