Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weird Al Doesn't Mention My Hernia

Past the inevitability by three weeks and a disconcerting mass of melting stitches irritating the area.  A fresh knee injury about 12 days ago complicated physical therapy (it's possible something should not have been tried so soon) and I'm now expected to use a cane and the abdominal binder when I return to the office on Monday.

I came through it and that's what counts.  I've since graduated to water in 2 litre bottles and lifting the juce. I discovered something new and made a large pot of sancocho last week which gave me 6 meals thus far and expected to dole out another 2. Exercises except stairs continue to progress and my nurse signed off on Friday.  Next stop is carpal tunnel.

I don't think I've been more nervous DJing than I was for the Relay For Life Kick-Off last week.   Just stage fright I know, but the port or IRQ battle the Lame broadcast plug-in DLL has with TPV's reached a new high earlier that day when system clothes wouldn't load with any of them and I resorted to my old ARMORD tribute robot suit instead of a tux at the Seraph Club.  

After clearance using PSA's and no mic and performing a character test I went on Phoenix and dutifully kept my cam aimed for the ground and prayed for stability.

Anyway I was so fearful of port demise that I confessed to Bain Finch one my darkest inworld secrets.  Bain: it never happened, okay?

The set itself I had full confidence in.  I approach music segues the same way I approach a drawing or a story.  There's this knack I have for putting playlists together.  They first part was an interpretation of the journey, from discovery and feelings of isolation to support, bope, and triumph then celebration.  Nothing sends a message better than music: not stuttering, not drunken rambling, not singing over beloved recordings, and NEVER interrupting a tune with thankyouverymuch.

I hope Trader approved and yeah maybe by relay weekend I'll have full DJing capabilities.  A test with SL Viewer was a success last night (although SLV has a thoroughly unpleasant lack of basic features with its all-or-nothing text chat functionality) and I could take snapshots while streaming via LAME.

I still have the old VISTA PC and if there's a way to network that, perhaps I can DJ on a completely different CPU.  Wouldn't that solve everything!

I will start doing weekly sets at the Starship Diner for Relay For Life. Maybe based on themes and eras and always at the same day and time. So heads up: Hearts & Souls will be in your face each Friday from 7-8:30pm SLT!  *GO RELAY!*

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