Friday, March 21, 2014

Taking Care of Business

Schmoozing in Britannia Village prior to Nova Albion 10th celebration
With winter's thaw it was time to make my way back to town. Maison Bleu stands once again in a Riel-run French Quarter. It feels right. With the added allowance I can think about including coffee and tea with my cakes, and with this year's carpal tunnel procedure I can unleash more art featuring Jazzy the Cat.

I'll be hosting a weekly evening at the diner, playing tunes for tips toward Relay For Life. I thought about Fridays but it runs into occasional gigs I like to attend. After that it would be Tuesdays I suppose. I can't get my teammates together at one time for a consensus.

(God I hate commuting. I missed my co-workers but if I never had to ride with asshole students ever again it wouldn't be too soon. This guy dissed women Indians Italians Latinos and African Americans in the space of three minutes. You'd think he was a red state redneck. Hurry up June!)

The St Paddy edition of music and fishing was surprisingly well-attended for a Monday. A&M had come out with their Electroswing group dance and we had fun with it. With the prog conflict out of the way I could DJ, be in SL and run Fraps simultaneously. I still hate SL Viewer; it's such a user unfriendly piece of shit; thank goodness I don't turn media on when using this software.

Starship Diner on St Patrick's Day a video by Holocluck Henly on Flickr.
I'm typing this on my way to the office for the second time since my return.  I never used the cane and no regrets, but I'd be an idiot if i didn't take advantage of support the abdominal binder offers.  If only the velcro wasn't such a pain in the ass.

Now it's a matter of who can drive me to the pre-op test and procedure for Carpal Tunnel. I was going to shoot for mid-April but with hay fever around there I've decided to shift over to June (somewhere in May I have obligatory jury duty after 3 postponements).

That leaves events for Relay For Life... we have a few lined up, but before that it's the CRFB Top DJ competition and I'm up for my hour Saturday 22nd at 2pm SLT. Come lend your support while listening to a great segue, and please tip the kiosk generously :)

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