Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Leakage & Tunage

Monday: Complications in the wound area.  Or not. Checking with the surgeon's office tonight I may be too late to host fishing. I cant imagine any physician turning down a quick $50 co-pay.  Wednesday UPDATE: to be expected.  He says it's due to the sudden rise in activity since my returning to work.  Honestly there's no such thing as taking it slow on the stairs or getting a seat in a priority corner once you're back in commuting mode.

The Nova Albion 10th Anniversary celebration went off quite well.  Unfortunately perennial favorite Christov Kohnke was too ill to play.  I extended my set to 90 minutes and used the first twenty for some rock favorites including a smouldering cover of This Masquerade by the Carpenters (the song is a popular Christov selection).  Then I went into swing/electro-swing.  RacerX Gullwing was on hand and timelapsed the entire event.

The first "Fridays at the Starship Diner" for Relay For Life went well.  It might have fared better if I could keep awake longer and kept going, but it was a very rough work week and hosting back-to-back events just added up.  Maybe next time I could make it thru 830 or 9pm SLT and give a little more to the west coasters.  Hmmm theme this week...

My fate in the CRFB Top DJ competition depends on what happens for the remainder of the first round.  I passed L$15,000  (about USD65) for my Surf n Soul Beach Party hour. If I advance I can decide whether or not to run with an genre or era or just play a variety.  Win or lose, we won together. GO RELAY! 

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