Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thought We Got Rid of Him...

Sometimes I'd rather be fishin'...
Victor's convinced New Toulouse' estate management that he's god's gift to timelords and their authority over themed private estates. They can have him, the police boxes which rez outdoors against covenant, and the RP category he's placed them under rather than Social (that alone is a slap in the face of New Toulouse).  The management didn't ask their own people to provide these for the community, only accommodated someone's personal roleplay.

They should be very proud of themselves that a bully with no interest in the populace or theme chased out one of its own to assert themselves.  Nothing says disconnect like four rezzers with modern and British structures at the ready.  Gabrielle Riel added him to the resident group and he never left. No, I don't know what he was doing there. One of the things I liked about NT was that he wasn't there. Then he was. You don't think he's a stalker? Suit yourself.  Personally if we never crossed paths again I wouldn't object.

I let the meter run out.  Someone I know needed more prims anyway.  I tried to get a journalist to hold off on a review of Maison Bleu, but he was insistent on posting it.

I'll still be there for the community.  Those who share a bond and true connection with the culture and its music dominate the New Toulouse.  A few places offered for me to play tunes at their establishments, so I won't be gone.  And of course I remain their liaison for the Aether Chrononauts during Relay For Life season.
I've learned the Aether Chrononauts have a perennial logo.  I made some clip art of it available to team members so that they can include it in some form on events/vendor textures - in a corner of the graphic or something.

I have been this close to making my own team for Relay For Life but for 3 things:

1. If I hadn't gone to Wildstar Beaumont there wouldn't be an AC team this year. There's an accountability I cannot deny. In fairness though he should have said there wouldn't be one instead of plucking someone unfamiliar with RFL to run the team.  That's hardly fair to anybody incl them. What would have been the harm if it took a year's hiatus? Still it's done and he went through a lot to find someone. We have a team thanks to him.

I want to say though the captains are very sweet and helpful, but I think they try too hard. The unique thing about AC is that it is comprised of disparate cultures, who work out whatever according to their own communities while contributing towards a single total. The only real place we have to synchronize our schedules is for RFL hosted events where the team works together. But they're learning. I think once the intimidation of the whole thing fades and they get more comfortable, they'll be fine.

2. The campsite. I'm not making one. Don't even ask.

3. A friend reminded me that the end result is the most important thing.  I must not ever forget that. If they just leave me be to do what I do and help the team by keeping members informed and equipped plus coordinating Teams R Us weekends lineups then it'll be good.

I'm proud to have brought on so many people, some new to Relay For Life. I couldn't do it with my own team. The objectivity would be gone. We'll see how this season pans out. I have a lot to prove after my experiences last year.

The first Teams R Us mini-gig is this Saturday: Kick-off Day. Have some team folks planned to provide vendors in addition to myself. Look for new shirts and Second Line Umbrellas :)  I'd have signed on for Cartoon World Gallery to have a booth in Fashion For Life but I didn't have the money to register.

Here's to more good times and helping people leave their bad times behind. GO RELAY!


  1. With regards to Mornington, I saw him at the Green lantern Core sandbox last week or the week before, building a huuuuge steampunk building in violations of the group's rules asking people to rez large builds above 800 meters. That someone who likes to accuse others of ignoring or breaking rules was doing it himself speaks volumes about his lack of character.

    As for Relay For Life, I wish you luck. I won't dredge up matters from last year except to say that I hope you were able to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them this year. You're a cool guy, Holo. You just need to relax a little, and not jump the shark making false assumptions.

  2. Actually Holo i was asked to put them into the RP catagory both times. As for the exteriors used, again they was passed by the admins.

    As for me staying in the NT group, if i left the rezzers wouldn't work because the land is deeded straight to the group and if the original owner of the rezzers leaves the group, the rezzers wont work.

    I have brought in over 2000+ new doctor who fans into SL over the past 2 years, i have expanded the databases for both NLS and HoO's RP catagory by more than 50%.

    What have you done exactly? Nothing... apart from sit in this blog and spread lies and misinformation and even done it behind my back when i was in hospital having an operation and was away from SL for 3 weeks getting tumors removed from my back.

    You are a sad sorry individual wonder a lot of folks quite frankly are becoming tired of you.

  3. Arch it's okay. The thing I have to live with from last year are that two of my friends' husbands passed away of cancer within a short time. I need to prove that I wasn't a jinx.

    Victor, you're sort of like Prok but without the multisyllabic words and funny names to give people. And Prok treats everyone in SL the same way rather than behave like a twoface and fabricate or embellish details to favor one side.

    Hmm... I guess you're nothing like Prok.

    Anyway you could have been a finer person, but you're so compelled. I honestly don't care about your numbers. Enough people have seen you kick innocent newbs from your group when you have a bad day, and you probably count them LOL. You're pretty par for the course in the bigger picture of the Internet, and you types always feel that if you do charity with one hand it's justified to flog innocent people with the other. You'll have to retract all the junk you wrote before my opinion of you changes. I don't think you're capable of that noble an act.