Friday, March 22, 2013

Mainland Snails and Tux with Tails

A new era in Nova Albion.  At least on MY parcels.  As it rolls over into its ninth year, I've traded the pastel of Retro Metro for the hematite & neon aqua of Nova Pier.  It's  back to the futuristic urban look so lacking in recent years.  I filed a ticket for a possible land swap with the Lindens.  There's a patch of theirs running through my space I want in exchange for some end piece which they're encroaching on for a bridge.

Fishing seems a better match for me at 5pmish SLT on weekdays.  It skirts around the usual events including Toontown and the fishers have more options that hour.

Will still be doing Saturdays at 6 at this point, but I may prefer Sundays at 5 instead. We'll see...

Made a housecall last night before bed.  Someone in New Toulouse needed help with setting up their kiosk.  Mystifying issues I can hope to look forward to when I make the transition to Firestorm...

Saturday 23rd is the first Giant Snail Relay of the season.  This time around instead of purchasing scarves RacerX asks for participants to make a donation of their choice in one of his team's kiosks.  I hope to see a lot of relayers there :)

Sunday as part of Relay Rockers DJ competition I'm scheduled to play a 1-hour set from 2pm SLT.  I have no idea what to expect, other than I'll be an underdog regardless. If people enjoy the music that's important. And it doesn't hurt if they give to the kiosk.

As I close this entry, I've received an email from the Lindens, who have accepted my proposal for a landswap and set the middle piece.  Something to look forward to following Grey.

Look for a poster this evening for my Sunday DJing gig and new chalk for the holidays

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