Monday, March 25, 2013

How Did I Do?

I have absolutely no idea.  But I do see a hack in the voting. What if someone with money spread it around to their friends to give to the kiosk to win?  And seeing as how one may vote for oneself there's just no getting around the fact that as a competition the CRFB has no real merit for a winner. Certainly not enough to gauge quality.

If I even get to round 2 I'll be pleased, as people who attended had a good time and I'd get to do it again. But no illusions: I am a relative unknown in the genre, and not being rich - or low enough to pad the competition with side bribes to friends - it probably won't go further.

That's my objective view and I'm good with it here.  If it weren't a fundraiser I wouldn't be too thrilled, but even during my time I raised a fair amount for Relay For Life, and that's the most important thing.  And working with very nice people, which is also a great thing and made it really a fun hour.

If I get past the first round maybe more will show up for the next one by word of mouth ;) I certainly won't complain, but I remain grounded.

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