Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Holoday Season!

Me so horny...

Been a while eh?  Health, money, the Fall Fishing Festival... I was one of like 5 people with new stuff there.

Siri, what does it take for the idiot over there not to annoy people with his phone's walkie talkie?

I got this iPad Mini with help from selling my Nexus7.  So I've either been reading Shada or playing Chicken Invaders 3 during my commutes (now need Chicken Invaders 4) rather than blogging.

Events, events... I want to do something for 12/12/12 but I can't do it at 12. But I may do it at 7:15pm SLT. Look for my tweets and - if you belong to the group Cartoon World & Beyond - notices later today (Tuesday).

The first of holiday cheer was held in Radio Riel's Clarendon Conservatory in New Babbage by Duke Edward Pearse. I can always count on him to come up with an amazing repertoire for any occasion.

This Sunday morning will see our full edition of The Dave Edmunds Show at the RFL Holiday Expo.  Still assembling the band (not easy between battling timezones and holiday shopping).  Well... 10:30am SLT is 1:30pm for me, so morning is relative...

On 21 December I'm sure to have something. Look for that :)

December 22 is a big London Village Christmas celebration which I'll be part of. They're good people and always know how to throw a party.

And of course the diner has its annual East Coast Countdown party on December 31st from 8:30pm SLT. Mark your calendars for that!

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