Friday, November 9, 2012

Deselecting in GIMP and Other Sordid Tales

Photoshop expired. They have a monthly rental plan but it's for an entire suite and it's not like a car payment towards permanent ownership.

The last one I owned was to have been permanent, so apparently this concept must escape someone somewhere in the process.

Windows 8 (which is clearly not a Windows OS at all) is sure to drive masses to Mac.  Had to have been intentional.  Who owns mucho stock in Apple I wonder? That would mean a heckuva lot to invest in for new software, and that's after the high cost of a computer.

Rumor is for no extra cost you can still opt to have your PC ship with Windows7 from most big outlets like HP or Dell.

The 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival has been postponed and will commence on Friday 30 November. This gives me time to sort out some alternatives in making a build smaller and simulating an effect for catches. I completed eleven sets of shirts prior to Photoshop's expiration.

This time around I'm opting for modified prefab for the fishing spot.  I've learned people really come for the catches and a decent place to sit if they don't feel like riding a boat or balloon.

It's likely I'll ride Grey Nacht's Ducky Boat a lot.

This does inspire me.  I may make my first salvage item (catch a blueprint & parts to assemble). There's the whole scripting shebang I need to work out of course.  Once I've made the thing itself I can work out the parts.

A new rod or two, this time with flexi line.

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