Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homestretch to Armageddon

I want to make a point that I don't believe that any natural disaster is going to tear this planet apart.  More likely some organized terrorist group will prey on our fears and coordinate some massive detonation.  If you have faith in your country's defense and security networks then 12/21/12 will be a great day.

That said, this past weekend had its mixed results, with DJing for a very nice person's rezday, attending a little of Treet TV's The Blackened Mirror ball at Club Seraph, DJing 3 times at Dat's Place, and...

...well, because those kids were gunned down in Connecticut, the Avie Choice Awards was rescheduled from Friday evening to opposite me and my friends' tribute show Sunday morning. Makes a lot of sense I know.

Anyway, there went our long desired chance to do something special for RFL during the holiday season.

I already had strong opinions about news coverage (America is so well-programmed, if our election and an obvious con having a chance at running our country were indications), disgusted with hyper-religious platitudes and imagery swamping Facebook over the school shooting.

Remember a shooting in the midwest earlier this year?  Sikhs.  Men and women.  Did you see anywhere this level of outrage?  Of course not. I tweeted as much at the time. The fact is they weren't cute little rich white kids.  That IS the bottom line. Middle American TV Perfect.

All life isn't so precious to them really.  Not if non-Christian or non-White life carries a diminished value.  I don't see most Christians as good Christians, not if I base their behavior on the missionary hype the rest of us are subjected to constantly.  They lie, steal, cheat, exploit, slander and discriminate.  Then they blame somebody else or their victims rather than take responsibility. Is that what Jesus would like done in his name?  From my understanding of their documentation - since he doesn't appear in mine - he didn't want to be praised.  Maybe he knew human nature and what would happen.  And he was right.  Those were good people who were killed that day in the Midwest, peacefully preparing a luncheon for their families. The children in the building could have been killed too. Never know what a psycho with a gun will do.

There is continued mania over Newtown CT to the point of a feeding frenzy.  People seeing it as some Lifetime Movie Network drama are moved in such a way that they're trying to access the survivors.  Their having to be sensitive and considerate to real people's tragedies and needs is getting in the way of their fandom. People who don't know them from adam.

It's a bit disgusting actually.

The atrocities our own troops have performed in the Middle East... The atrocities people perform here on kids and pets every day, to their spouses... Start with your town, your community, your home, your family and friends. It was a terrible thing what happened to those people in Connecticut. There's no doubt about that. But for the loudest wailers and bleedingest hearts from those not associated with these families there may have been something terrible which happened around the corner from them which they've chosen to overlook. It wouldn't be the first time. Just don't compromise me with it.  People rescheduling their event for the reasons they did (I checked. Nobody was related to any of the victims) and flinging our fundraiser intended to help fight cancer into oblivion will always have a special place in my heart.

btw if someone comments that I'm heartless and soulless, they're clearly not reading this post right. It's not that people are upset about what happened, it's how they're selective in what bothers them when this is NOTHING new and perhaps similar or worse things have happened which they haven't fed their attention and money into.

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