Friday, February 4, 2011

Preparing the Document, I Stopped...

The parameters of the petition keep changing.  Interestingly, while anyone who has tried to reason with the one responsible for the scourgemobiles is given a response laden with fictional statistics, the number of these things out on the road has definitely gone down.  Maybe somewhere in that brain a conscience is stirring. They're still an issue and continue to violate SL's usage terms on many levels.
As feared, a precedence has been set. While scourgemobiles have decreased, a new problem has arisen: scourgetrolleys.  Yes, you heard right.

Bring up an inworld or map of Heterocera. Doesn't matter which region as long as it has SLRR rail in it (try Anilis).  You can see them.  Red and yellow rectangles on the tracks, sometimes several in a region.  Think of it: all these on the map at the same time in a snapshot of the continent.  These trolleys are infesting the rails like roaches.

You have to really wonder what's wrong  with these people.  Why do they think littering public land is a good thing?  Do they actually believe they provide some sort of service?  Have any of these people taken into consideration the people who reside along these routes who don't want these passing them constantly? Spam is spam.
 Actually, I'd like to know where things went wrong with the SLRR project.

Originally it was not just about completing the guide rails but also what standard of scripting would be used by the moles when they rolled out the new trains.  They would ride sporadically and stop at stations for a few seconds.  They'd be sparse enough so rail fans could ride their engines on the tracks as well. 

What we have are no Linden trains at all.  Maybe it was agreed with a smidgen of rail enthusiasts during some LDPW brown bag meeting to do away with a proprietary line and give the residents full reign over the rails.  I don't know; they were held while I was at work.  The result though - once again - is that some obsessed nutjob is unable to tell Linden and personal property from eachother and acts to singlehandedly dominate protected land.

You might say: "Well at least their vehicles are phantom." This certainly becomes a learning curve for anyone who applies practice over theory.  There's great potential for a freeze or crash when several of these pass you in close succession.  Happened to me. And nuff said about the overall frivolous drain in region resources and contribution to latency, not just in one region but throughout the continent.

Add to that their blocking your view.  Riding other vehicles along the rails - which residents have every right to do - you run into difficulties like trying to avoid gaping banlines or falling off trestles and bridges.

Remember that all occupied vehicles have right of way access over any unofficial vehicles on Mainland road and rail at all times.  A scripted vehicle never takes precedence over a real person.  No one can declare themselves in absentia just because their scripts are running.  The only exceptions are sanctioned projects such as GSLR Ferry and Railroad, Blake Sea & Nautilus City Ferry services along with Second Life's own trolleys and monorails in their themed neighborhoods. 

So... Two petitions or one?


  1. What we have are no Linden trains at all. Maybe it was agreed with a smidgen of rail enthusiasts during some LDPW brown bag meeting to do away with a proprietary line and give the residents full reign over the rails.

    That decision did not even make it to a brown bag. I wish it had. Rather, some months ago some of the old timey SLRR trains accidently got activated, which lead a couple of train sellers to go ballistic. Based on that, the SLRR as a ROW with Linden-owned vehicles changed to one that ran private rail vehicles.

    Me, I'd rather see a measured amount (say, 3-4 phantom trains on the rails at any given time) of Linden-controlled automated vehicles on the route, while still providing space for Residents who wish to run their own manned trains on the route.

  2. Exactly, and that's what I'd hoped to see. I'm a rail fan too but on the passenger side. I ride the BC Trolleys too as you well know. The concept of having 3-4 phantom trains active in the whole system is beyond our antagonists' collective comprehensions unfortunately.