Friday, January 21, 2011

Scourge & Scourge Again

If I understand a prominent Linden, the following among many other offenses is perfectly okay:

1. Unfair use of region resources

2. Adfarming (what else would you call dozens of scripted objects on Linden land which simultaneously solicit a product?)

3. Pushing (vehicles which shove you if they don't just drag you under, whether you're in a vehicle yourself or not. I've been pushed into banlines or crashed because of these things)

4. Encroachment (several rezzers target protected parcels. A taxi stand is sitting right on a Rezz Zone*)

5. Weapons use on protected property (the Tank will shoot missiles at you if you click on it)

6. Object littering (pileups on private and protected property, stranded in waterways...)

7. Excessively scripted objects (I dunno - are a dozen script files in a garbage truck considered excessive?)

This is in addition to their dominating protected roads so no one else can use them, not omitting obvious areas on their routes such as unpaved roads, ramps leading into water, Dammastock's glen and so on.

*ONE rezzer was removed. This resided in Samoa, a hop skip n jump from Clarksburg, where a prim platform & taxi cab were positioned on a public LDPW rezz zone, right up against a doorway to Ross Infohub.

Looking at the JIRA history, it seems the Lindens have given this person a great deal of attention to accommodate her project. Blatantly talking about unmanned vehicles not properly dominating roads and being improperly returned for being objects. Well, they ARE. 

In the process of carefully preparing the petition text. Tonight expect a tweet and new Blog post.

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