Friday, November 5, 2010

The Post-Halloween Glues

Well that was fun.  Halloween should be observed for a week.

I had plans to take the week off in fact.  Due to a scheduling conflict with my boss I was compelled to work Thursday and Friday and use those other days for sometime in December.  Still, there is a perverse pleasure in working for only two days while most others worked five.

I've got some fun photo ops ahead of me with those avatars I've made, but I have to face the fact that I must learn skinning sooner than later if I want to use these without special eyewear.
In other SL news, this weekend's Giant Snail Races will be held in the Skybeam sims.  My first ever race was there.  Snurky in Relay For Life.  The things I didn't know then: Navigating in snail eye view.  A snail stalled out on a narrow path I couldn't scoot past them and had to wait to continue.  That single lasting argument in favor of muting. 

Anyway, it's open to everyone, so grab a free snail from the starting line and join in.  The race will be live telecast on Sunday from noon SLT, which will be Standard Time for us at last.

Finished my sukkah during my mini-holiday.  They've yet to hold the voting over at TMA on Nessus.  Shouldn't stop you from taking a stroll through the contest area.  It's an awesome creative collection of resting spots which represent a wide range of cultural styles.

What else?  Livingtree is nice to explore at this time of year. The trees are beginning to turn.  It will be the last weekend until March that we'll have 7Seas fishing during daylight at Cheep Cheep Landing this Saturday starting at 6:35pm SLT.

Which reminds me: I'll need to upgrade our fishing rods - and maybe test that sonic rod I caught during the Fall Fishing Festival.

I suppose I should design a Thanksgiving snail for two weeks from now...

There's also a memorial event to honor BlueGin Yifu coming up at the Bay City Fairgrounds on 13 November.

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