Friday, October 29, 2010

Extreme Costume Makeover

The experiment seems to be working.  It's not so difficult to make prim hair the way I want it, and without lagging a sim.    Also since part of my costume relies on an alpha prim, I cannot afford to have it clash with alpha hair.

I'll be sequestered in my TARDIS tonight to complete the hair and work meticulously with appearance sliders.  You can't peek till Show n Tell. 

Well, I *might* wear it in the bleachers at Giant Snail Races if I'm not in either televised race (was in both last week, although I was caught with my magnetic containment field set to noncollision on camera while standing THROUGH a chair).

Update:  I *found* the hair.  Wow never expected that.  I'll save my hair-in-progress for future tinkering.

Anatomy is easy.  VERY easy.  The features are coming out well on the face with the exception of those pinhole pupil eyes and the lack of surface definition.

There seems to be a problem.  The eyebrows won't show.  I can tint the lip color but facial hair of any sort won't change. So if you set a skin color and generate an SL skin, the other features are hidden under the layer?  Well that's no good, is it?!  I've learned from my gestures that default skin - if it is at all possible to use - animates the eyebrows.

If anybody has suggestions for SL brow and sideburn features to show through, let me know?  Thanks much!

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