Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What should I be for Halloween?

For Second Life I mean.  In Toontown, Count Fishy will be a skeleton, Kertruffle a bee, with Quackerella and Lucky Toesies as supertoons.  On Sunday the new black cat will get vampire and supertoon suits courtesy of Kertruffle, who has 3 tasks to hand in.

It's an existential dilemma. 

I want it to be twisted because just about anything I come up with will have been predictible to somebody.

On my first Saturday in SL back in 2008, I spent a couple of hours underwater somewhere (I know exactly where actually), editing my appearance until I looked perfect (yes, for what I am this is perfect.  If you don't know what I am then pity you.  I'm not even human).

I believe this time around would require skin work.  I am very organic with that sort of thing, having made a skeleton and other textures for Avatar Studio creations during my VRML years by printing out templates and working on vellum.  Somehow I don't think that technique will work this time.

My friends know what I think of available skins for men:  boring junk.  Think you're cool that you need a shave?  You're a dime-a-dozen Ken doll, pacing around like a caged tiger like the next Ken doll.  You're COMMON! You're DULL!

I won't be dull.  You're dull enough for both of us.  Bring those muscles out some more and you can look ridiculous for both of us as well.

Last night I scoped out the Library.  I grabbed a probable base avatar with full-perm prim hair.  This is going to be interesting. 

There's a range of eyes in the library but I don't like any of them. Their pupils are pinpoints and the sparkles unnatural.  I wonder how hard it is to make those?

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