Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In the Bonkers Month of November

I sit as I sometimes do, a mile walk away from home, in a Peruvian restaurant for breakfast.  It's a rare morning here: instead of TV they're playing Peruvian ballads.  30 years ago I would have revelled in a place which served Inca Kola.  Ah, back when alcohol and caffeine were just mild stimulants...

I'm always late putting my stuff down for the Fishiversary an FFF.  I used to take off a day before them, but RL is just too demanding of me lately.  Still lots more to catch in a few hours.  I suppose since I no longer have a fishing spot they're all exclusive for the festival.

The FFF is now on borrowed time - literally.  It continues until LL clears out the regions.

Now come the hats for 2 holiday markets. 

I asked my coworker about the 3 kings and it's apparent that aside from their cultural origins, their hats bear little resemblance from one image to another.  That leaves things wide open for some spectacular holiday mad hats, many of which will debut  at Mieville's Thames River Frost Fair. 

For those who never saw my novelty pools I'll be showcasing them too.  Back in the Blaxxun VRML days these were quite popular.  They've translated well for Second Life (mind you I've rebuilt them from scratch).  Debuting will be a series of kiddie style inflated pools in yummy holiday patterns.

Hot on the heels of this will be the Relay For Life Xmas Expo.  Two exclusive items will be offered there.  No thoughts yet on what.

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