Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is it the End of an Era?

The Starship Diner Fishing area was taken down Monday night.
I cannot afford to live on Mainland. Not as much as I have been. Work had too many wage freezes since the fall of 2008 and everything goes up.  Health insurance are crooks and joined the club of taking from the middle so now I have a co-pay PLUS deductible or percentage.  $40 per month just isn't feasible.  Then there's Linden Labs' shadow of a moderation team to protect its premium residents and allowing prims and particles to rain down for days.

I was thinking of going back to Bay City, but my final meeting with the BC Alliance reminded me why I'd left.  Had composed a detailed notecard to read about most things which forced me out and pondering whether it was time to return, but it wasn't to be.  I never got to read it.  It was an interesting hour of observation.

Goodbye, Bay City.

And Goodbye Nova Albion once my parcel sells (I've undercut everyone and with luck some landflipper will bite).  I'll be there for your special events and anniversaries.

The gallery is gone. I'll have exhibits around the grid at some point, but the Cartoon World shop will focus on salable art. It's crowding the ground level so I'll see about a sky shop or private estate rental. I'm quite sure I can unload any land Toryn doesn't need.

Meanwhile look for more activity in St John very soon, RL permitting.

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