Monday, November 14, 2011

Fishstock on Borrowed Time

The 7Seas Fall Fishing Festival was idyllic.  Just a bunch of people with a common pasttime sharing laughs and creativity.  People in boats, hanging from fishing lines, perched on amazing builds... No politics,  no ego beyond pride in a job well done.  Looks like most everyone wanted most everyone's custom catches too :).

For me the added perspective of having "worked" while meeting some of the more hardcore fishers and now marathon fishing with them along with friends and long lost acquaintances.

Spent the first couple of days at 7Seas' build - a giant pile of books and art supplies - catching their myriad of exclusive stuff and scoring free bait.

 Then making Hall of Fame. At the beach Dat and I would rib eachother that one would get there ahead of the other.  We decided to time it so we both made it at the same time.  Our announcements came within about a minute of eachother in a highly populated area. *heh*

As always the creativity of people is a neverending source of amusement, with people happily collecting from several creators at once while others collected theirs in another part of the three sims.  It was neat seeing people collecting Daleks and wearing Angry Turkey shirts, mismatched pajamas, etc.

 full house on friday for a series of mini-contests

We had one more official day on Monday, then borrowed time.  These festivals last basically until Linden Labs reclaims its rental sims.  In past years this meant a few days.  Last year's Fishiversary lasted to Wednesday.  They've gotten more efficient though.  Today logging in at lunch my place was returned. Some places were still there, others partially returned, still others gone.  Fishers were riding boats looking for survivors in the waters, others huddled on Celeste's remaining pillars waiting for the inevitable.  A free boat I was riding on to survey the area derezzed as I rode it.  It was like the universe was being sucked into an unseen black hole.

salvage manifested into funny fishing vehicles

But no harm done. We're all in group chat, and I'll see some at Bacchus on the Beach when I DJ or fish there, at other locations when I'm off and have time to kill, or happen to hear of an impromptu contest at Grey Nacht's estate.  Many new customs will find permanent homes at regular fishing locations (in fact, tonight I need to add the two new Daleks to Retro Metro before DJing).  And there's next spring's Fishiversary to look forward to.

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