Monday, August 8, 2011

New London Festival this Saturday


I don't think I've ever seen a guitar player with convincing animation in Second Life.  And while I've seen a mock-up Wilburys concert once, it was a bit weird and I'd have just wanted to dance to the music regardless of who or what was on stage.

The pressure's on to put together something special this Saturday for my set at the New London Festival.  Well for someone like me it's pressure.  I'd like to hover a giant build over the audience.  I'd want it to produce lightning and storms... Yeah I think full contol of local environment via the saucer is what I'd do.

I guess I'd contol the colors and meteorological activity by a HUD.

It's not something I'd do as a habit,  but being a special event there are expectations and I want to live up to them.  After all I do it for everyone's enjoyment.  Give them a good time from their real lives.

If I could script.  Right now it's can only be an idea.

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