Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I can't understand why people need to fill their screens with them.  At Show & Tell you could build the freakin' Taj Mahal, but some guy follows you with a HUD demonstration and half the people there wet themselves. Just another thing you can do that you otherwise didn't need to, except you can play with onscreen buttons.  It's the one thing which puts fear into the hearts of builders group exhibitors.

Anyway, I normally have a teeny tiny HUD in one corner.  It calls up a menu for my TARDIS and - if I get a freudian urge - a sonic screwdriver if I happen to have one on me.  However in all fairness the sonic does have a few nice practical features.

Anyway, this tiny HUD leaves me to experience SL with minimal obstruction, just the way I like it.

That may have to change for Saturday's show.  Looks like I found my effects on the marketplace.  I'll be able to control things - and hope I don't mess up as I count 15 seconds after the start of every song.  I've little to worry about with blogging about this as most of my friends don't come to my DJ events; they'll never see me mess up for this one.

 An interesting twist is with magnum sims upgrading tomorrow.  I could conceivably make the saucer big enough to hover over the audience.  Except I don't like using V2.

I wonder if I should go the Westbury Music Fair route with staging?  If I could make the stage impervious to non-owner clicking then there are some REAL possibilities!

This is scary.  I haven't been this psyched in some time.

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