Monday, May 9, 2011

Ketchup May 2011

I was this close to taking out a new stream last Friday to celebrate my return home that night.  But with short notice who'd come?

Anyway there's a big weekend coming up for Bay City for their third anniversary.  It's also my second since the gallery opened there.  Am doing a dance party featuring music from the 20th century (I'm that ecclectic normally anyway).  Again it will be to raise money for Relay For Life, with donation of creations and a kiosk to divvy up between two teams I represent.  So if you like what you see: buy.  If you like what you hear: tip for a good cause.

Things to do:

Poster for Bay City event.  Theme will be purple.

Replace slideshow, box and listgiver at Retro Metro in Sistiana with new ones from Fishiversary and post to 7Seas' forum.  Note it's back to a 1-minute rez time for bait and rod purchases; there must have been a griefer lockdown in Nova Albion at some point that it was changed to no-rez.

Refine the Gallifrey Ten swim trunks.  I think a smaller denser pattern may look better.

More important than the swim trunks are to finish off the first wave of sketches for Artifictions and draw another couple of racing snails for shirts.  One will be purple.

Dance and fish at Bacchus on the Beach.  I realize that new fish or no, I'll never become a Hall of Famer and unlock the omega level if I let my alts fish.

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