Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rambling Along Gershwin Boulevard

So maybe it was too yellow.

I've added wood trim, which looks fine for the exterior.  Not too sure about the trim inside.  It may be less distracting for future murals and vendors if the wall segments had a common gradient.

Once the first chapter of the comic is up and Snurky's Burn2 is set, I think I'll make more art on tee's and set up the parcel beside my gallery as a park with a kiosk of silly things.

On the Dr Who front, I'm more convinced than ever that the majority of USA fans are scary and way too serious.  I've found the fans from the UK regard the series much the way people of my age here regard The Wizard of Oz.  It's just part of our culture and a neverending source of amusement.  Sure we know every word of the movie and the story of Margaret Hamilton's accident in Munchkinland, but it's more about the music and the fun - and where you were when you first saw it - and less about the serious facts or it being a profound cinematic milestone (which it wasn't actually).

Doctor Who fans threw a FUN party last Friday, with people dressed creatively, silly, and with the simple intent to have a good time.  Some were their Time Lord personae, all unique with a little touch of something Whoish on them (like the one holding a recorder).  The Staypuft Marshmallow Man and Robbie the Robot were on hand.  Creepy little fanboys with their freebie wannabe Tennant and Smith avatars showed up, then left.  You gonna tell me they weren't underage Americans?

I'll see the revelers again no doubt.  Play good tunes and it's hard to get rid of me.

On the "research" front, I've gotten a little sharper at drawing a comics version of Matt Smith for my story (aka "The Other Smith" LOL gotta love some of those fan designations).  Actually it's been fine from the start by the comments of the teaser poster, but it didn't suit my sensibilities.

I'm halfway through watching Series 4 on DVD.  Looks like I'm almost caught up with the new adventures, and just in time.

I'll have to state here what I've since tweeted.  I made a judgement call in a blog post a while back: I've since come to really enjoy David Tennant as The Doctor.  He's a brilliant actor - when he's allowed to act.  That's the key thing.  He put in some marvelous performances before things went over the top and overly insane.  He's also damn good on radio and audiobooks (I highly recommend "Pest Control").  I guess for me he's "The Other Smith" (hahaha... Love that...), and I hope to make a Tenth Doctor story should the first one go over well.

But first things first.

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