Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Mysterious Sighting of Pete Tyler

I forgot to mention yesterday that I saw Rose Tyler's dad on the train.

No really.

I didn't realize it until I heard him say good-bye to someone he was traveling with. I looked up; British accents aren't very common here you know.  He sat opposite me on a right-angle seat at 45 degrees (we all do that here - well, most of us) and was dressed conspicuously clashy: black pinstripe suit, navy-white striped shirt, honeycolored pattern tie... Closely cropped reddish-grey hair, rough features a little rougher than you'd remember from years ago on Dr Who Series 2.

Definitely him.  Stayed another couple of stops before he left.  I looked around at ads and people so it wouldn't appear that I was staring; I mean, what would I have said?

Let me look the actor up before posting this...

Shaun Dingwall

Don't know how accurate PR info is, but according to the web he should be shooting a detective series in the UK nowabouts.

It was definitely him though... unless he has a twin brother.

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