Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've been a bit distracted lately.

It's affecting both my real and virtual lives.

In a way this is good.  My food intolerance test steered me clear of foods that were slowly killing me, and the weight has been coming off.  No, I don't look like some fanboy by choice.  Not from walking 1-3 miles a day and no binges.  Most of this truly isn't me.

Vitality kicked in for the first time in years this past weekend.  I can't say my body's ready for things I haven't done in years; I'm not about to join the office's softball team.  And it remains to be seen whether I just need an adjustment in my thyroid medication...

To stay in Manhattan after work is a compelling prospect for me, but with no friends left in the NYC area there's little to do to make it worthwhile.

I'm floundering here.  I've discovered new things and I want to incorporate them into my SL persona.  I wonder who beyond my SL friends (the ones who already know about this) would get the joke?

I realize there were elements of this fed into me for decades in a subversive manner.  I suppose the time had to be right for them to activate like wild molecules.  They have, and life won't ever be the same.

Something will be happening soon inworld.  It may be subtle. It may be accepted as "the joke."  It may be missed.  But whatever it is, I'm making it all myself because resources simply do not exist in Second Life.  That being said, once it's happened, I'll have to decide whether to keep it my own or share the work for a substantial Linden windfall on XStreet.

That last part sounds so wrong, but someones out there may be in my situation and need what I'll have.


  1. Hi Holo - what food test did you have? I suffer badly (going through a bad spell right now) and have been wondering about having the tests I see advertised, but then I read up on them and the medical evidence is less than enthusiastic :(

    any advice you can send me would be gratefully received - headburroantfarm at gmail etc.

  2. is what my complementary doctor uses. I'm sure it's used Internationally. Think they might still have an interview with my Dr on the site somewhere about intolerances (aka sensitivities) versus allergy testing. good luck HBA!