Monday, August 25, 2008

A-Hunting We Will Go

One day I came to my rental and found they had added "Gorean style" homes on all the plots which weren't sold. The place was mega-lagged. They had grown from two islands when I joined SL to about 11, mostly for RPG purposes from what it looked like.

I've been looking at the math. Yes, it's reasonable to pay about $8 a month for a 1024sqm plot on a private island. But where I stand now, if I took another 2048sqm of mainland, it would cost me only an additional $10 per month. This would mean lots of prims, more room for my 3D stuff, and wherever my creativity takes me.

I can't deny the math and the prospects a soft market offers. While it would have been NICE to have more land in Juliet where my home and combine the prim count, there's nothing more available.

I've been searching, having gotten keener since my early weeks, and already landmarked some unadvertised prospects in anticipation of payday.

No, I am not going back to Olexandrovich. :P

An interesting piece of opulence found out of place while exploring.
The problem lies with my nature. It's like RL moving. You go to every place and imagine yourself living there. Except with Second Life it means imagining what I'd live in as well. I'm thinking maybe I should make a few structures for shops, with different styles for wherever I end up. I can't go to some snowy area (for example) and plop down pools under a treehouse. It just doesn't have that cozy feel, you know?

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