Saturday, August 16, 2008

He's Gone!

Remember my former neighbor in Olexandrovich who owned a good chunk of the region and made a slum and a swamp and a carnival and began building stores?

Well, yesterday I dropped in for a visit, only to find his land was empty. Apparently a divorce in the offing alas.

I suggested he break them up into salable lots of 512 and 1024 to sell so he could move them and drop the tier fees.

Those other people are still there, but the full bright particle thingie and the screens they used around my place are mysteriously absent. Hmmmmmmmmmm

You know, earlier this week a butt ugly adfarm tower showed up on the horizon. Yup, a full bright megaprim of a tiled ad, right there on the edge of the sim. It's gone now. Not sure if it was from neighborly retaliation or Linden Labs deleting it for disrupting the server. Well, as long as it's GONE!!!

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