Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keep Calm & AR Lunatics on Witch Hunts

I got this drop down message from someone named Tantra Breen offering an NC called YOU ARE THE ASSOCIATE OF A COPYBOTTER!

I didn't open mine up. I AR'ed it with the drop down on the right and her profile on the left. Then I hit mute. Who knew what it had in it?

A few friends of mine got it. One did open it:


We are compiling a grid-wide list of known copybotters AND ALL OF THEIR ASSOCIATES.

We have seen your name in association with Kyraxy, a KNOWN COPYBOTTER.

We recommend that your remove this person from your group, otherwise the entire members list will be put on our grid-wide ban list as associates of a known copybotter

It's terrible that a few people can ruin the reputation of so many, buyt it is your choice to associate with known copybotters, there has to be a price for sheltering them, conspiring with them or at the very least, condoning their criminal behavior.

In a few days we will come back and check on the associations, and if still valid, YOUR NAME AND ALL OF YOUR MEMBERS will be put on th grid-wide ban list.

Let's clean up SL and fight back!


Ban the Botters United

I don't think a copybotter would have targeted me. I don't exactly have any award winning stuff out of my own things. I don't script. I don't create mesh. And I am almost 3 months behind on RL rent. Aren't copybotters rich and stuff?

All in all this message was a TOS violation on many levels. Still is, if she's still distributing her NC of Terror.

One of my friends confronted Tantra Breen. Apparently - get this - she has some sort of hitlist of copybotters, and if any of them has joined your group, you're not a potential victim but an associate and in cahoots!  Well that's just insane. Tantra Breen is just as much trouble to innocent residents as any copybotter at this point with their threats.

It couldn't have been one of my groups so I'll assume they got my name from one of the larger groups to which I belong.

Don't let some harassing psycho scare you. Just AR the nutjob.

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