Sunday, June 16, 2013

SL10B Cake Stage Tuesday 18 June 11am-1pm SLT

Like medals...
Sometimes things work out, and this was too important not to.

As it turned out (or so I've been told) a number of people had hassles, so Loon was taken off the team. 

I put out feelers for possible openings and was approached with several options for the cake stage. On Tuesday 18 June from 11am-1pm SLT I'll be there. The way on foot is a little daunting, so try this hyperlink if you'll be around and want to check out my set.  I reckon it will be a cross between this, that and the other thing.

On Friday evening from 7:30pm SLT I'll be providing the tunes for Bay City.  At noon SLT I'll be DJing for Burn2 for their Conception themed festival. They always celebrate on the playa opposite SLBirthdays, as the grid's founders were RL burners.

Seems Newsers have helped some talents with a series of exhibit-bound gigs.  Now that's community!

Swung by my would-be exhibitor's parcel and was pleased to find that it went to someone who made good use of it.

I would be remiss if I didn't thank those on staff who helped me get through this and regain a performance slot.  You're all terrific!

At the SL10B Cake Tree Stage

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