Monday, November 30, 2009

Is 7Seas Lost at Sea?

I don't fish in my own pond anymore. What's the point? I have all the official stuff and I made all the catchables.

Most people who made Hall of Fame did so during a time when there was something new to look forward to on a regular basis. Now I fish for an hour once a week, and frankly one complex MSWord file of customs for one location is plenty to monitor and still keep it fun.

The Shikamis have yet to add the rubber duckies to their site list in half a year and still show them as "new!" on the database displays.

What happened to the turtles? Maybe they erroneously judged Scion to be worth emulating and backed out of the plan? Or maybe they just burned out over the whole project, keeping interaction limited to maintenance and downtime notices.

I saw customs as a companion to the official stuff, not an eventual replacement.  I find myself majorly uninspired from making more. What do you think?  Do you feel the same way?


  1. I've never even played this 7seas, in fact I've only just started to notice it around. I guess I missed that boat :-D

  2. D'OH!!! It's funny. I logged into Sevhen's avatar last night (yes, we're Cluck n Sevhen aka Doc n Seven from Voyager) to prepare a gift certificate redemption for her after she won the fishing Saturday contest at Livingtree last Saturday. She received a personal congratulatory message from Seven Shikami and a free bulk bait bucket. That was nice actually :) btw his name is Seven from the orig Prisoner series: one up from Patrick M's No 6. He wears that jacket you know.