Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Rabid Rabbi Rides Again

Two days later and he has that shitty hovertext script. He has a goddamn fucking nerve subjecting my visitors to his grief scripts and meaningless ramblings.

I ARed him & presumably so did Crap.

He's successfully purged my pity for him.

Sorry for the language Marianne - sometimes things get that bad.

Looking at my blogging history, I see that one year and one week ago, I was driven from my first tier parcel by alpha-toting bullies and settled in Juliet. They swallowed up my land over on Gaeta as I suspected they would.

That happened again months later when the loonie one region over decided she wanted to build a dark ages empire (her properties now emcompass approximately 2 sims worth of land across four regions).

No fleabitten rabbi is going to make me vamoose this time, and I don't feel the least bit threatened since his behavior's been dangerously blatant (and delightfully so).


  1. This is why I took a stand in Bay City. I'm not going to let you-know-who with his over the borderline grief builds control the city.

    Rabbi Writer is a bully, plain and simple. He can be taken down.

  2. My latest AR as Snurky (happened to login as her to check out the new place in Imaginario):

    I've already reported this as Holocluck Henly and would have followed up if I logged into that account.

    I am disappointed that this script is still live and not removed. He has a transparent megaprim lining the border between anilis and nessus.

    This man violated many rules and it's hard to choose a single choice from your menu. He is intolerant, he defames individuals or groups, he encroaches this property with the line of text which chases people from my land and turns their experience here into a negative one, disclosure for judging people based on their first lives... unwanted advert spam, Harassment/visual spam. He is doing it all.