Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cartoon World Opening This Saturday

After a defunct computer and pneumonia, I think the setbacks are over and done with.

Even the planned entertainment had its share: first a folk performer whom I knew (and who wanted to get involved in Second Life) couldn't make Saturdays, then my backup fractured his wrist. Now I have an awesome DJ (awesome = nice + has a great music collection) scheduled.

The building's been in place in Bay City for about two weeks now, and with a staggering pace is almost ready to open. The comic art is already installed. The illustrations I displayed previously will get lower prices; some of them will be featured on shirts, which will be available on the ground level. I need to set up a subscribe-o-matic as well; I'm glad I found out about that.

Healthwise it fluctuates with the pollen count; I don't anticipate this preventing me from seeing it finally through.

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