Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration Week in Donner

Well, I got that Greek Donner stand done, learned to offer custom fishing stuffs, and completed the inaugural pool (forgetting to set the media texture - DOH!) in time for February 20th. Patriotic and commemorative Obama goodies will be removed on Monday.

I was pleased to find people fishing at the pond following the update and an announcement on the 7Seas boards. Weee!

So what next? Why, the Year of the Ox of course! I have toys, trinkets, and Tees planned for the fishing pond. If all goes well, I will also have some really nice things for sale.

In other news, those dorks either removed the encroaching trees from my Angler property or a Linden returned those things to them. Either way, it's good. I'll have to add more vendors - damnit from XStreetSL, which means making ALL of them from scratch. Feh.

But before then, GUNG HAI FAT CHOI!

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