Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coasting Virtually Pleasantly

Seven & I dance in soup to The Spongetones.

Less focus on debacles, more on creating and having fun.

This should be everyone's goal, shouldn't it? I mean, if they're not crazy.

The Jewish Neighborhood bought the chunk of land behind my cottage and TMA founder Beth gave me access to create whatever I wanted on the land I donated near the tracks. I think I'll have to do some pondering as soon as the structures beside the region border are relocated. I don't know what she'll have planned for that area, but the new look will help determine what I do with that part. Until then the plot of land displays maps of Mainland, with a pin stuck into our location in Heterocera continent.

The pool shop is starting to look busy. methinks the holiday ones will have to go to vendors while the next holiday editions get sand time, keeping year round ones for permanent display.

My greatest pool finally saw pseudo reality this week when I recreated the Turkey Tureen Tub. This was the epitome of pools for me and marked the highlight of my pool pursuits in the Blaxxun communities.

Speaking of which, the Blaxxun Community regulars who used to hang out in Blaxxun's own VRML world now hang out south of my pool shop in Angler. Sleepy expanded the land from the 512 I gave him to an additional 2048. It's quite the beach hangout got good stats as former Blaxxunites have adopted it as their home base. Sleepy, bitten by the 7Seas bug, installed a fishing area kit and long range server to cover both our properties.

I think I would like to design a lot more T Shirts. Think they'll be well received on the web marketplaces?

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